Purchasing Original Fine Art paintings:


Thank you so much for chosing one of my original oil paintings, acrylic paintings, watercolor paintings, pastel paintings, mixed media paintings, or perhaps a Pen & Ink Sketch! Whatever the choice is I, Bonnie E. Rodgers,  want you to know that I am priviledged to have touched your life with my expressions of art! I strive to provide you with quality archival artwork. 

Remember, if you did not see a piece of artwork that satisfied your needs, I am available for commission work, new additions are added regularly,  or send your email address and I will email you with new releases. 

Step I: Start the buying proceesby email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  then...

Step II: Call me so your purchase can be verified at (941) 201-7007.

Step III: All artwork is paid for through PayPal so set up an account to further the purchasing process.

Step IV: I will carry insurance, covering the full value, until the artwork is released by receiving payment, order form, and contract.  All forms must be received by me before Artwork is released.

Step V: Every sale is finalized with a "Contract of Sales"

Step VI: Artwork is shipped with a certificate of authenticity:

Certificate of Authenticity

Title of Work: ___________________________________________
Dimensions: ___________________________________________
Medium: ______________________________________________
Inventory #: ____________________________________________

I hereby warrant that the unique original artwork described herein was created and conceived by myself, Bonnie Rodgers, the artist. This original artwork is in no sense a copy, duplication or reproduction of any other work of art. It has been signed by my own hand. According to statutory copyright, I, Bonnie Rodgers, the Artist must approve all photocopies, photographed, digital, sketched, painted in any manner, or reproduction, including downloading from the computer or internet of this and any artwork in writing. The sale of this work of art does not include or constitute transfer of the original authorization of copyright set forth by law.
This work of art has been signed: (the Artist's signature) and/or dated.

Date: _______________________________________________

Artist's Signature: _____________________________________



 Care of A Painting:

Keep paintings looking new throughout the years requires sensible purchasing, handling, storage and display.

Purchasing Artwork: taking care of artwork begins with the artist.  There are correct procedures that an artist should follow to insure that you are purchasing a work of art that will last for years to come.

  • UV protective coatings
  • Proper stretching procedures, keys for placement in the back of oil paintings
  • D-rings placed on the sides of a the frame
  • Archival Backing boards and dust covers to insure dust and bugs cannot enter the package.  Oil paintings do not get a dust cover.  They must breathe to cure.
  • Watercolors, pencil drawings, pen and ink sketches, etc should be hung, if purchased without a frame, with an archival backing board using linen tape, at the top only in a “T shape, attaching it to the backing board and under one or two  matt boards.

Protection: Tears, scratches and dents are most likely to happen when your painting is off the wall so make sure you know where your painting is going before you move it.  Rest paintings against a clear wall surface, away from doorways, furniture and passing people. Handle your painting with clean and dry hands, or cotton gloves. When carrying your painting carry it from the sides and not the top of the frame.

 Hanging: handle painting by using both hands.  Do not lift it from the top of the framing.

  • Avoid direct sunlight, UV rays can destroy color in a painting, the influx of heat can cause expansion and contraction.
  • Avoid hanging close to shelves, furniture it's height, behind doors, or busy areas.
  • Avoid hanging over direct heat or moisture sources, for example, right over fires, radiators, heaters, hot water or central heating pipes; in bathrooms, kitchens or around swimming pools.
  • Avoid hanging over or next to outdoor vents, or on damp walls.
  • Avoid hanging in rooms that are only heated in the winter
  • Picture lights attached to the top of a painting,  can get hot. It is best to take advice on lighting and hang at least 12 inches from the frame.
  • Paintings build up dirt, kereosol, tar and nicotin quickly in rooms with open fireplaces or where people smoke.  Do not dust with dusting spray or any other chemical.  Only use a soft cloth or vacuum held 6 inches away from the surface.
  • D-rings should be placed on the sides of the frame, or the stretcher bars of the painting.  Place them one-third down the piece.
  • Use good quality picture wire and create a double loop system at each ring.
  • If you use alarms attach them to the back of the frame or backboards and not the back of the canvas or panel. Eventually it will cause sagging and discoloration.

Cleaning: Do not dust if the surface appears unstable. If your painting is framed with glass, spray glass cleaner onto the cloth and not the glass. A backing board or paper prevent dust and dirt from accumulating on the back of all paintings except oil.

Repairs: repair or further cleaning is a skilled process and should only be carried out by a fully qualified conservator.

DISCLAIMER:  These statements in no wise make Bonnie E. Rodgers responsible for purchase, care, or preservation of your artwork.  They are only given as the industries suggestions.